Window 1573 – The comforter

birdThe antidote for our suffering is Great Spirit… and until we make that connection, we will always be searching in the wrong direction.

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Window 1458 – Perfect timing


If we are pushing on a door trying to make it open, it will slam in our face…  but when a door opens randomly and is aligned with our prayers… it is like there is no door at all, because its directed to open by Great Spirit.

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Window 1291 – Quiet your thoughts and the answers will come


When everything is still, clarity emerges through the whispers of spirit… if you listen closely.

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Window 1142 – Step away from your electronics

imagesR2TW5W3NIn the stillness of nature, all of your answers will come to light.

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Window 701 – Air, Water and Sun cleanse the soul


The best way to ground yourself is through the simplicity of nature; for it’s energy is healing and all of the answers you seek can be found from the stillness within, that emerges from the connection to Gods creation.

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Window 556 – The illumination of a prayer


An answer to a prayer does not always show up in the form of what we envision…most of the time it appears in multiple forms that are connected  to the prayers of others.

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Window 415 – Be still


The answers we seek will always arrive within the whispers of stillness, so just breathe without thought.

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