Window 1558 – Differences make us not break us

leavesWhen others say hurtful things about our appearance, what we are doing or how we think…we must let whatever others think, think whatever… and just keep walking our walk… for they are our own unique feet.

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Window 1515 – Shade’s of personalities

nightIt’s the Ego that makes a person ugly, not one’s appearance.

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Window 1127 – You don’t have to appear to be anyone else

imagesAYWUAKUEAppearances do not represent reality, they are just visual effects used to mask reality when we are trying to impress others.

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Window 584 – True beauty, is within the physical shell

10255280_798302313553805_8402375757550297776_nWhen we can let go of the flaws we see within our self-image … we allow our inner spirit  to shine through us, to which the spirit of who we are is all that is seen.

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Window 528 – Find the beauty in everyone


Whenever we judge another person on their appearance; we are stating that we are better and above them… when in reality, it is our own ugliness within that is showing.

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Window 398 – Dress in Love


When we walk in love our skin color, physical appearance and material accessories become obsolete; because a true state of love outshines everything.

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