Window 1712 – Seeing beyond the surface

skyWe cannot know the depth on one’s wound, until we are able to see the magnitude  of it’s origin.

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Window 1448 – The Joy of the moment

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A person is not rich due to money or material items… one is at their richest when they are completely content with what is in front of them, no matter how little, while longing for nothing more.

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Window 529 – Facing the truth

10313714_10204039279319875_1235530030980023556_n Photo by, Sandy Mulford

When we can face the truth behind our actions, is when we can begin to make changes to our reactions… and the first step is forgiving our self.

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Window 397 – We are all equal


If our blessings place us upon a pedestal above others within our thoughts, our actions will be a disgrace within the thoughts of others.

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