Window 1694 – The right now, is where we are meant to be

tracksWhen we find our self longing for things in our past, we are just uncertain in our present moment… but we must remember, that if our past was meant to be a part of our right now, it would be here.

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Window 1604 – Our true feelings

7A3AFB25-3424-4F7B-A593-A732ABC12455If we are not in tune with the energy we take in or give away, we will never be in tune with who we really are and what we really feel.




Window 1578 – Stop striving to be

deerPerfection, is not the illusion of everything needing to be perfect, in order to  feel complete… perfection is to be in a state of contentment, peace and appreciation, with the moment.

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Window 824 – Don’t believe what you have not wittnessed with your own eyes


That what is represented to us does not always mean it is an authentic view… for reality is only truly shown out of the sight of a watching eye.

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Window 791 – Find the real you and live out loud


When there is no longer a shift between our public and private behavior, our true authentic self as emerged.

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Window 628 – An awakened state

IMG_0586(2)We are at our absolute best, when we are absorbed in the moment.

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Window 546 – Permanent changes

10522558_274898519363445_5334799326668672618_nWhen a discussion of our past behavior and actions no longer triggers our ego or raises our defenses… we have changed our behavior.

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