Window 1604 – Our true feelings

7A3AFB25-3424-4F7B-A593-A732ABC12455If we are not in tune with the energy we take in or give away, we will never be in tune with who we really are and what we really feel.




Window 1435 – Let love be your choice


Choose love, even when you want to choose anger or any other negative emotion… choose love, for love always illuminates more love…even if it is just within you alone.

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Window 546 – Permanent changes

10522558_274898519363445_5334799326668672618_nWhen a discussion of our past behavior and actions no longer triggers our ego or raises our defenses… we have changed our behavior.

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Window 323 – False chatter


If the chatter of our mind is telling us we are worthless, then the mind that speaks is not worth listening to… so we must seek to hear the whisper of truth that can only be heard within our heart, which will tell us we are worth everything.

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Window 254 – The battle within our mind


The mental baggage of our ancestors physical journey is left behind for us to carry, because nothing but love can continue on in spirit.

We are all  unconsciously wounded by how our ancestors lived; the energy of their mental pain and actions remains in this physical realm and until it is addressed and changed it will continue to be passed down unknowingly to each generation.

Right now if we look at the mental demons within our self  and our family members, we will see the similarities and patterns within our lineage that we have  just assumed were our own issues.

Yes we create our own reactions, but some of our actions are just a continuance of behavior that is passed down from our ancestors.  It does not matter who, why, or what the mental battle and disruptive behavior is, it just matters that we change it.

If we can break the chain of mental pain and strive to leave  nothing behind but traces of Love and positive energy, not only will our ancestors applaud, but our heart and the hearts of those we leave behind will have a journey laced with love, instead of fighting through pain to find love.

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