Window 1624 – Judgement is a sword

countryThe  worth of  a person, cannot be defined by a physical appearance… for the spirit of a person is invisible to the naked eye… But the ugliness of an ego, can only see with judgement.

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Window 1606 – Take a break

hammockWhen we say yes to everyone else’s wishes and desires, we give all of our energy away, leaving us drained and irritable… and even the energy given away becomes weakened, because it was not given from a balanced heart.

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Window 1469 – Choose love


Love is the only emotion everyone can connect to, because we are love…it just does not illuminate at all times because it is buried beneath the walls of life, that try to taint it.  But if we consciously keep it at the forefront of our thoughts, love will win and make a connection with others, to which more love will emerge.

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Window 1268 – Find your heart



The ego only knows one way to respond… which is with a closed perception that places the view of self in the light… even when one is buried in darkness.

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Window 1257 – The energy we unload

imagesqd1imx02To humiliate another, only show’s our own insecurities and passes on the same haunting of pain to others…  So choose compassion, because no one gains wisdom from  being humiliated.

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Window 1204 – Make time for stillness everyday


When we are in a tug of war with our heart and  mind, we will  teeter totter with our spiritual balance, until we align with our heart’s whisper.

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Window 1184 – Are you really angry or just holding on to the past


All anger stems from a painful situation in our past, that replays in our thoughts when we are faced with a similar situation… but the situation is not our past, only our thought’s are.

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