Window 1689 – Voice what is deep within

cloudsThe only way emotional wounds can be healed, is for them to be exposed.

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Window 1624 – Judgement is a sword

countryThe  worth of  a person, cannot be defined by a physical appearance… for the spirit of a person is invisible to the naked eye… But the ugliness of an ego, can only see with judgement.

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Window 1407- Self esteem


When we think we are not enough, we never will be… within our own mind.  We are all worth more than our thoughts, and when we realize that, the real us will emerge.

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Window 1370 – Different makes things beautiful


If the appearance of another person offends us, it is we who are standing in a of ego… for if we can only accept those that appear like us, we have lost all compassion and respect for people.

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