Window 1442 – Words that are hard to hear

rocks and water

When negative things about our  behavior are pointed out to us, and we become defensive, it  just confirms what is being illuminated, is true.

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Window 1401 – A view of the ego


When we stand our ground on issues that we know are morally wrong… we are just standing to stand, because our ego refuses to face the truth.

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Window 1115 – Work on being a better you


We cannot change  another persons behavior, we can only change how we think of them because of their behavior.

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Window 877 – The chatter of the past


The fear of failure does not stem from  our past mistakes…it comes from someone shaming us, for making a poor choice, to which we continue to carry with us in the present.

Window 866 – Find the light within and own it

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Our moments of negative thoughts and behavior do not define us, unless we believe that our negativity, is the truth of who we are at our core.

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Window 270 – Inner shift


The cause and effect of our actions will either keep our- self and  others in the clutches of fear or prompt an awakening for a change within to take place.

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