Window 1399 – Change your surroundings


We can be surrounded by people and yet feel completely alone; So instead of feeling depressed… make changes to find people that align with what we love and believe.

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Window 954- Live what you preach or remain silent


If you are going to scream your knowing from a mountain top, then you better be living what you scream, or it will only penetrate the minds of others, instead of their hearts.

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Window 950 – Divine Guidance


Those who think they have found “the way” are the most lost… for the way cannot be found… it is shown.

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Window 687 – When we are awake, we are open to change


When that to which we “think” we know for sure crumbles… we will only be left broken, if we believe that our own way of thinking, is the only way.

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Window 507 – Confidence in you

photo(326)If you do not believe in yourself, you are allowing the opinion of others to  control of your own life.
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Window 294- representing truth


” When we place our spiritual beliefs on display like trophies for all to see, we must represent what we are displaying behind closed doors, because our actions are always Divinely seen and heard.”
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Window 252 – The believer of a lie, becomes a lie


“The person who spreads a lie about our character is  someone who is suffering in anger, envy and deceit, but it is the people that know us and believe the lie without ever seeking our truth, that  mirror the speaker of the lie.”

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Window 244 – Walk in truth


“Pride blocks us from truth, love and kindness because we are to proud to view what goes against our thinking, even when what we think is untrue.”

When we are stuck in our own beliefs of what we “think” is true, we feed negative energy into what we believe and seek the company of others who align with our thoughts to gain strength in our view.

When pride is walking there will always be a fall, so we must seek to know the truth before we speak, to keep us free from speculation and keep us walking in love, which will be absorbed by all who walk with it.

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Window 117 – Stand up for what you know


“What you “believe” is hope and what you “know” is truth; so if you only believe in what you are standing up for, you better hope you that your fall, will be painless.”

Not everything that you have learned through life so far is the truth; so don’t take a stand on the things that you only “believe” to be truth, because the real truth will cause you to fall, but…if you” know” the truth there is nothing to take a stand for, because the truth stands firmly on its own.

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