Window 1569 – The process of awakening

red cabinWhen we feel like we are broken, we are about to have a break through… for there is always pain, right before the birth of an awakening.

~ WOW ~

Window 265 – Cherish your elders


“When our elders are not cherished and respected a gap forms between generations and the unity of family diminishes.”

Those who are above us in age should be our mentors and not cast aside, their experiences and knowledge have brought us all to where we are today and they hold great wisdom and insight that is valuable to the well being of our future.

When we put our electronic devices above humanity for our teaching, we lose the depth of connection between physical beings and it is that connection that is the source for staying united.

Each of us will be an elder one day, so imagine how you would feel to be disregarded, disrespected and unaccepted because you do not update like the applications on an electronic device.

Growing older should not lessen the value of a person; aging should be valued greatly and be just as blessed as a birth of a child.  Cherish those above you in age and learn what you can from them, and cherish what you learn.

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