Window 1753 – Spread kindness at every opportunity

yellow Be a light in someone’s life every chance you get… for many people, are suffering silently in darkness, and your light might be the exact healing they need, to pull them out of their suffering.

~ WOW ~

Window 550 – The crash of awakening

10559802_520195758126200_184658969850104960_nWe only crumble when we become full, from absorbing the thoughts of our ego… to which we must empty, in order to find the voice of our heart, that grounds us back to the spirit of who we truly are.

~ WOW ~


Window 286 – The struggle of voices


“No matter how hard we fall, we have to get back up or we allow the darkness of our actions to out shine the truth in our heart.”

Forgiveness of our self is harder than forgiving others because when we stray from the voice of our own heart, it remembers the pain of feeling us pull away and knows it was darkness that pulled us.

We might have a deaf ear at times toward the voice of our heart, but our fall does not have to shut off our hearing… it can jolt us into turning up the volume so it is harder to be pushed or pulled again .

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