Window 1771 – Your time is precious

heart mountainNever let your life become so busy, that the people you love the most, become a memory, while they are still alive.

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Window 1580 – Stillness is peace

green boatWe must seek quiet time to calm our mind, or our mind will override everything our heart knows is right.

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Window 200 – In nothing, everything awakens


“Sometimes doing absolutely nothing is exactly what we need to be doing; so instead of feeling guilty when the call of silence speaks to you, follow the whisper, for it is only through stillness that divine guidance can be heard.”

 When we are accustomed to always doing, the actions of doing nothing becomes our fear, because it is within the silence that both voices of dark and light are heard, and a doer is to mind busy to decipher the difference between the two voices,  so always doing keeps us  from having to face what our internal voices are saying.

 Have no guilt with nothing to do, for within  stillness everything emerges.


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