Window 1772 – Things, do not make us complete

umbrella shadeWhen our mind is continually longing for things, in hopes of finding the feeling of completeness…we must remember that it is just a tool that darkness is using, to try to distract us, from seeing that we are already complete.

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Window 1580 – Stillness is peace

green boatWe must seek quiet time to calm our mind, or our mind will override everything our heart knows is right.

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Window 884 – Remain calm in a storm


The only way our inner peace can be interrupted, is when we become attached to our circumstances, instead of just being an observer.

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Window 275 – Creating peace


When we purposely strive to speak from a loving place and listen with a loving heart, we are in a state of peace and peace is what will be transmitted.”

Our intention for what we speak of will not matter if our delivery is sharp-tongued, because our words will not penetrate the hearts of those listening… and when our ears are sown shut with our own opinion, it will not matter how peaceful words are being spoken, because we will only hear our own thoughts.

There is no supernatural way for world peace to appear, it must first emerge within each of us, before it can be felt by all.

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