Window 1584 – Don’t forget that what moves you

pink field

That what impacts our life must never be forgotten… for if we forget what awakens our heart, we will fall back into the ways of our mind.

~ WOW ~


Window 996 -Jesus is the gift

imagesFCNXU014Today is not a day of presents… it is supposed to be a day of presence… be present as to what this day is truly about… And give a present to Jesus, by remembering what today really means.

~ WOW ~

Window 153 – Nourish your joy


“Life is a special occasion today; so nourish the joy that has already arrived, and stop waiting for something in the future to celebrate.”

Stop storing your things for special occasions and setting time aside on a calendar to celebrate your hopes of future joy, because your life is happening right now and there is no guarantee that it will continue into tomorrow.

There are hidden blessing within every moment; and if you seek to notice those, you will find joy through the simplicity of the moment, and celebrate everything.

~ WOW ~