Window 1658 – Take a time out

dooneSometimes you just need to take some time away from everything and just absorb the silence… and let nature recharge us… but we must do it guilt free, or the silence is disturbed.

~ WOW ~



Window 1654 – Always shine light instead of darkness


Everyone has private thoughts of self doubt… So be the person that see’s the greatness in others and lift them up… for no one needs to hear validations of their negative mind chatter.

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Window 1633 – Embrace what comes

cliffWhen our roots get pulled up, we can always replant… as long as we remove the fear and embrace change.

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Window 1631 – Awakening to see our light within



When we come to like our self, we are finally able to see things within the world through eye’s of love… because we are no longer seeking love, but allowing it to emerge from within us.

~ WOW ~


Window 1603 – Pull together in love everyday

elephantHow many tragedy’s will it take for every soul to see that we are doing this life wrong… it is the coming together through these tragedy’s that is how we are supposed to live on a daily basis.

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