Window 1346 – Removing the barriers of the mind


With each veil that is  removed, tears flow… because we are able to see more clearly through our heart.

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Window 1065 – communicate your heart

imagesB8DCSBHZIf we are unable to voice our soul in a relationship, we will never survive as a unit.

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Window 802 – shut off the mind to listen


We cannot be sure that what we are hearing is correct, if our mind is in thought of something other than what is being spoken.

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Window 675 – Change the channel of negativity


The mind will always chatter; but when we refuse to listen or absorb any spews of negativity that it speaks, the chatter will become the voice of our heart.

which will only speak the truth, from a loving viewpoint, that our mind does not want us to know.

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Window 329 – Speak from your heart


“When our heart has something to say, we must say it, for what is left unsaid will speak in our thoughts and create a chatter, that will distort what our heart needed to voice.”

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Window 323 – False chatter


If the chatter of our mind is telling us we are worthless, then the mind that speaks is not worth listening to… so we must seek to hear the whisper of truth that can only be heard within our heart, which will tell us we are worth everything.

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Window 256 – Running from our thoughts


“A change in our life circumstances will not change our life, until we change our thinking.”

When our mind  is locked in  spinning thought we will  re-create the same life circumstances that we are running from, until stillness and contentment in thought is achieved.

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