Window 1678 – Letting go, creates peace

coffeeThe simplicity of childhood returns… when we are able to let go of worrying, about what other people think.

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Window 1446 – Reflections of our past


If we reflect on our childhood and how it molded our decisions as an adult; we not only see where we came from, but we also see the reason behind our choices.

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Window 273 – Wounds of a child


“What happened to us in our childhood does not have to define us; but it will if we continue to drag around the story of what was, into our adulthood.”

As children we had no control, but as adults we have total control and always have a choice.

  If we remain encompassed in our childhood wounds, we are purposely “choosing” to feel our wounds instead of making a choice to learn how to let them heal and move forward.

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