Window 1679 – Deep love


Children can never know the depth of their parents love, until they are able to see it from the view of spirit.  For the love for a child is so unique, it cannot be expressed.

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Window 1183 – Keep focus on the light


Children  are drawn to the light and run from darkness…if we  were to all follow in their  innocent untainted footsteps, darkness would not have such easy pickings to  grab hold of.

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Window 908 – Our children are the future


~ Children will take ownership of their parents disconnection from love.~

Every breakup that involves a child being shared between to parents,  is an opportunity for the parents to either be a teacher of what true love is, (by putting the child above their emotions and remaining communicative friends)… or they can teach a child what hate is, (by only seeing the faults in someone  who was once love.)

Our actions are absorbed by our children and will either boost their internal love, or  create wounds within them… so parents must put aside their own issues and keep the hearts of their children full of love, to help their future relationships.

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Window 816 – Childhood changes


When children lash out; they are being thrown into a change that is unfamiliar, unwanted or painful… and their negative actions are their way of saying,” help me”, I do not understand what I am having to endure.

So instead of a lashing out in return, one must connect from a  level of their pain and provide comfort and validation that they are encapsulated in your love…  and that your love will never weaver or change, amidst all life changes.

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Ponder this! – A false reality


We have TV channels filled with reality shows of rich people becoming richer by acting disgracefully and having no concept of the “true” reality that is taking place for people around them.

Since the world seems to like reality TV; how about documenting the reality of  those who are struggling to survive with nothing and giving them  the same financial gain that is given to other people on reality shows, so they can have a way out of their suffering, to gain the freedom to live with the basic’s that we all should have.

The documentation of creating drastic life changes for people in dire need of a change, would be more uplifting to watch and money well spent above the money that is given  to those for who use the money for egoistic entertainment purposes.

The viewers of a life changing reality show would be awakened to what is going on in their own community, instead of the community of those who have more than they need to survive comfortably.

 Families are living on the streets; children are hungry and going without the basic’s life necessities…Something is seriously wrong with our world that we would rather watch a false sense of reality, instead of facing reality and doing something for those who have had the reality of losing everything, through circumstances that are out of their control.

We need to look at others in love and reach out to help those in need instead of turning our head, we need to take a little less for ourselves so others don’t have to go without.

Imagine a world where no one was homeless, hungry, jobless or felt less as a human being over lack of anything… if everyone did something, that could be the reality.

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