Window 1676 – Rise above having a pity party

snowWhen we pull away from love and kindness, because we feel the need to wallow in our pain, irritation’s and regrets… we are blindly holding hands with darkness.

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Window 1614 – Love is what we are meant to do

privateTo support someone who has created a different path, amidst everyone else standing in judgement , is the path of light… for judgement is not our purpose or place… but love is.

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Window 1409 – The way for you


Following the whisper, goes against everything your mind wants and the minds of others… but it will give you peace of mind and a fulfilled heart.

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Window 976 – Put love above everything

imagesEVFSN4L9We cannot allow those that hate, to shatter our love towards others…  for we must remain in love, in order to help love emerge within others… for love always wins.

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Window 273 – Wounds of a child


“What happened to us in our childhood does not have to define us; but it will if we continue to drag around the story of what was, into our adulthood.”

As children we had no control, but as adults we have total control and always have a choice.

  If we remain encompassed in our childhood wounds, we are purposely “choosing” to feel our wounds instead of making a choice to learn how to let them heal and move forward.

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Window 97 – Anything is possible if you believe it is


You are capable of doing anything, if you choose to believe that you can… so don’t allow the negative voice within yourself or others detour your choices.”

Your mind can be used against you or to uplift you; it all depends on whether you choose to feed the positive or negative voices that you hear… because whatever voice you feed becomes a powerful force that will bring forth fruition from the food of your thoughts.

You always have a choice; and it is only if you choose it, that it will be… so don’t allow any other person pull you away from something that you feel pulled to do or become, and especially don’t allow your own mind to be that person.

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