Window 1681 – Do from your heart, not from your guilt

lightsIf we shut down what our heart needs and want’s, to keep from rocking the boat in a relationship… we are just pleasing someone who is not worth our heart.

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Window 1668 – Let love lead your life, not anger

resortDeep emotional wounds can be healed instantly, by the power of forgiveness.

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Window 1661 – We are all equal

land We all awaken in our own due time and when we have thoughts that we are above another… we are actually deeply below them.

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Window 1652 – Being on the same page

turquoiseIf we lose our self, to try and remain in a relationship with another… there is no relationship.

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Window 1648 – Be transparent


When our Ego is in control of our life, our heart is never seen and peace is never found.

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Window 1647 – Stay in the game

nativeWhen we build walls of protection around us, due to our past pain… it’s not really protection, its isolation, out of  fear of dealing with disappointment and pain again… but life is filled with suffering, and isolation just keep’s us angry and alone.

Love is the way, so we must stay open to it, because there are really good loving people on this journey… for no one is immune from being human.

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Window 1632 – The power of our words

greensWe have to be responsible with our words, because darkness will replay negativity over and over again, upon the ears that our words falls on.

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