Window 1349 -Look at people with heart not ego


The second we think we are above others, we are under the control of darkness… because we are all equal, no matter what another person’s circumstances are.

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Window 884 – Remain calm in a storm


The only way our inner peace can be interrupted, is when we become attached to our circumstances, instead of just being an observer.

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Window 134 – Resistance keeps us in pain


“Don’t fight to find a way out of a difficult situation, hunger for the wisdom to get you through it, with grace”.

Wisdom is only gained through personal experience and can only be achieved when we seek to learn from what we endure instead of allowing our emotions of anger and fear to block us from seeing a deeper perspective for what is taking place, within, what is taking place.

When we look deep below  the surface of what is happening , our circumstances become our teachers, and we can heal our underlying  areas of pain within that we  were unable to see, was inflamed.

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