Window 1749 – Stand up against evil

houseIf one can witness hatred, and remain unaffected, there is hidden hate within them… for a soul of love, weeps when evil attacks another.

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Window 1700 – Life is not in your phone

purple cityWhen technology  overrides one’s awareness to the present moment, everyone around them suffers.

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Window 1649 – Our actions are free and leave a big impact

towerThe most important thing we can do on our life journey is give… give love, give kindness, give time,give strength, give laughter and just give what you can to help.

Our  material things will not remember us, but our kindness will never be forgotten.

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Window 1185 – Say what you feel


When communication of our feelings are withheld; our silence will be interpreted as something other than the truth.

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Window 1067 -Prevention

images55YKL6PLWhen egos collide, horrible things happen… so the moment you feel the ego beginning to surface, is the exact moment that you need to remove yourself and get back into a place of love… or you will crash and someone will be hurt.

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