Window 1750 -Humility shows one’s true self

down sunIf we are tearing down other people to try and showcase our greatness, the people we tear down, become greater than us, because we are only showcasing our ego.

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Window 1456 – The whisper only you can hear


Every time we go against what our inner voice is telling us not to do, we will have regret… So if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it… and have the confidence to stand up for what is right for you.

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Window 1452 – Find your power and speak up


When one finds their voice; confidence blooms, and instead of being stepped on, one demands to walk side by side.

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Window 508 – Our thoughts are what fail us

photo(327)If within your thoughts you feel you will fail; unconsciously you will be trying to fail to prove you are right.
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Window 498 – Find your light

photo(317)It takes only one person to see the light within us for us to  shine; so look for the light in others, so we can all shine together to block out darkness.
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