Window 1590 – We need more love

pink rockThe only way to counteract the hate in the world, is for each of us to  consciously pour out love, in thought and voice and just over look and forgive those who voice hate.

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Window 1529 – Pass it on

tree branchEvery act of kindness leaves a mark on one’s heart that is a reminder, to pay it forward.

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Window 1517 – The power of love wins

palmsOne simple act of kindness can have such a powerful effect, that it forces one to keep trying to relive that feeling… to which more kindness and love will spread and awaken heart of others, to experience the power.

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Window 1516 – We must come together

paddle boatThe world pulls together in a tragedy and then drifts back to a distance of normal… we need to work on pulling together daily, helping those around us and then the normal will become love, instead of distance.

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Window 1066 – The purpose of a connection

imagesH6ZHGA4J.jpgEvery person that we come in contact with, is a great teacher as to what to strive for and as for what NOT to be.  But we will only awaken to what is being taught when we are awake to notice.

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Window 1057 – Step up, no matter what

images074PHZ4CExtend a helping hand, even when you feel weak… because through giving, you strengthen from within, which makes you strong in all.

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Window 998 – Look at the energy you give off

imagesK2IULGV6We can either enhance the beauty around us or destroy it with our energy, for our energy either blooms and grows or turns to weeds.

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