Window 1595 – Voice what you think about

docJust to be in one’s thoughts is the most warming feeling… let those who cross your thoughts, know your thoughts for them, for it is a heart connection.

~ WOW~


Window 1586 – The voice of nature

rainbow pathNature will tell us when we are doing things the wrong way… and when it responds, we need to pay attention.

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Window 1569 – The process of awakening

red cabinWhen we feel like we are broken, we are about to have a break through… for there is always pain, right before the birth of an awakening.

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Window 1555 – One’s looks, does not define the heart

trainWhen human connection is based upon appearances… the connection is weak, and will only stay connected if one never awakens.

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Window 1545 – An unexplainable love

beachGreat Spirit gives us children and animals, so we can feel and connect to the same unconditional love, that he has for us.

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Window 1537 – Caring for those who don’t have a voice

tigerHow we care for all forms of  life with a beating heart, shows us the depth of one’s  heart and spirit.

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