Window 579 – A spiritual push

10556317_10204273489574985_6806896373828011534_nPhoto by, Sandy Mulford

When nothing makes sense, the universe is shaking things up to ready us for a needed shift of consciousness.

~ WOW ~

Window 251- All unhappiness stems from within


“When we make excuses for our bad behavior, we are trying to divert our attention to something outside our self to place blame on, so we don’t have to face the truth within.”

There is no justification for losing control of our self, but we all make excuses for our actions to avoid facing the reality of  truth, which is we are suffering from the wounds of our past.

Until we are ready to look within and find the vessel of our bleeding wound, we will continue to implode and explode over issues that have nothing to do with the issues at hand.

Don’t wait to hit rock bottom to face the truth of your unhappiness, consciously seek out the underlying irritation, for what causes  your negative reactions and that will lead you to the location of  the wound to permanently heal.

~ WOW ~

Window 163 – Negativity is not entertainment


“Those who create evil  entertainment, for others to view, were once a “viewer” of evil”

Whatever we take in will affect our energy, and if we are “comfortable” watching others engaging in negative behavior, and or harming the lives of others in evil ways, we will become negative subconsciously, and if we do not awaken we will become what we view.

We must consciously choose what we watch for entertainment because it will shift our energy field, and cause irritation to arise unjustly.  When we fill our minds with laughter, love, and peace, our mind is aligned with our heart, and negativity feels out-of-place.

~ WOW ~