Window 1578 – Stop striving to be

deerPerfection, is not the illusion of everything needing to be perfect, in order to  feel complete… perfection is to be in a state of contentment, peace and appreciation, with the moment.

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Window 1501 – The road less traveled.

clear butterfly

When you feel like you are always being the bigger person in situations, just means you are a good person and always choosing the high road… and that is a good thing so keep walking high.

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Window 1448 – The Joy of the moment

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A person is not rich due to money or material items… one is at their richest when they are completely content with what is in front of them, no matter how little, while longing for nothing more.

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Window 1406 – Inner peace is obtainable


Everything that we think will make us happy, will arrive and later leave us empty and  longing for something more…but when we seek to find contentment within, happiness is no longer a search… it’s just become us.

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Window 1385 – The thoughts that keep talking


When our thoughts obsess over another persons actions, behavior or wealth; darkness has us in it’s clutches… for a silent mind is aligned with Divine thinking.

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Window 1304 -lessening the load


That what we cannot let go of, will remain the weight of our soul… until we can find acceptance for what is and release it to the universe for healing.

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Window 1259 – Pure acceptance

imagesrqu28jvbOne of the most beautiful things to witness, is seeing someone completely accepting and content with who they are and the skin they are in.

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