Window 1765 – Stand up to fear

hummingEvery time our courage overrides our fear, we beat up darkness… which is always trying to keep us from knowing, how strong and bright our inner light is.

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Window 1724 – Unseen blessings

treeMiracles and blessings do not just happen to everyone else… and they do not always appear in an earth shattering form. They most often arrive without us even noticing… and that’s why we think, that we are void from receiving them.

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Window 1371 – What we are meant to do


When what we are passionate about keeps calling us for attention, we must take the call… even when we are fearful of the changes that will take place, from answering the call.

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Window 812 – Give Love


A simple spoken word of encouragement plants a seed of love, to which a love toward one’s self, can begin to bloom.

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Window 760- The heart trumps the ego


Any response to violence that is returned in violence changes nothing; but a response that is returned in peace and love is absorbed and can open a portal for change.

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Window 379 – facing reality


When we bypass the truth to prolong facing reality, the reality of what is will deplete our spirit until we face the truth.

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Window 197 – Hidden truth speaks emotionally


“When we do not have the courage to speak our truth, we will harbor our anger toward self, and at an inappropriate time our emotions will speak, and our truth will remain hidden.”

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