Window 1555 – One’s looks, does not define the heart

trainWhen human connection is based upon appearances… the connection is weak, and will only stay connected if one never awakens.

~ WOW ~

Window 1553 – Stop looking back

boatStop trying to prove to your self that you are good… you are… what you did in your past does not define you… ask for forgiveness and it is granted, then forgive yourself and just work on being the best you, moment by moment.

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Window 1547 – The shadow behind our thoughts

blueDarkness hate’s for us to still our mind, because if it cannot spin us with chatter, it loses control over us.  So Mediate and learn to shut out evil and you will hear Great Spirit within the silence.

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Window 1542 – We all hold the key to make changes

cabinGood people are everywhere and doing amazing things for others everyday, but…drama and negativity seem to take the for front… which is  celebrating darkness, when love and kindness should be celebrated.

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Window 1538 – choose your view

snowWith every blessing that comes our way, darkness will try to throw us a curve ball of negativity to divert our attention from what is great.

But when we are aware of what is going on and remain in a positive state amidst the punches, the blessings are in full view.

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Window 1536 – Accept the challenge

redThe more we work on  seeing things with love, the harder and faster the challenges will come to try to detour our view… but we must continue to seek love and turn our head to negativity.

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