Window 1766 – Love heals a grieving heart

imagesUGT7AK12Everyone deals with grief in their own unique way;  so we must never push, prod, or try to direct, how one goes through the process…  being  supportive, present and just giving love, is all one can do.

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Window 1708 – The other side has a the best wireless connection

houseThe connection with our loved ones on the other side never needs a signal, and it never buffer’s… love can always pop in, in a blink of an eye… for love never dies, and the other side is not far away, it’s a thin veil and everything is seen and heard.

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Window 1642 – Love and forgiveness can heal

fishingThe grief of a lost  connection to someone who is still alive, can be harder than a death… but unlike death, the relationship can be restored, through the death of the ego… so instead of grieving,  start forgiving and reconnect.

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Window 1521 – The reason behind your tears

light house

Grief does not disappear, instead it arrives out nowhere when we least expect it. 

So when you find yourself  immersed  in unexpected tears, instead of feeling sad, take comfort in knowing that your shift of emotions, are taking place, because your loved one’s spirit just walked into the room.

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Window 1436 – Weak minds, will be bamboozled


When we seek outside of the realm of which we are able to handle, we will be fooled by that of what we do not know or understand.  We must let Great Spirit direct us directly, or lead us to someone that can be trusted to guide us.

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Window 1238 – Love needs no words

imagesN0XQQK0CWhen there are no words to bring comfort, just be present.

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Window 1107 – Voided trinkets

imagesIEHD3L9YEverything we store up materially will be left behind, without meaning… for only love is the only thing that we can take with us, that has meaning in both here and after.

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