Window 1831- The light of change

When you walk with Jesus, you may be lead into places that are dark or placed around people that are dark… and it does not mean that he made a mistake… for he purposely placed you there, to shine his light, through you.


through you.

Window 1666 – Don’t miss out on greatness

sunset If we do not make a connection with Great Spirit, we will never understand the power of a miracle, nor feel the depth of what true love is.

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Window 1445 – The heart of the soul


There is good in everyone… some just have been beaten down so much in life that they keep the good hidden, as a protection… So look past the wall and the heart will be seen.

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Window 1361 – The view within


The moment you find your true self within, is the moment everything begins to change.

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Window 1230 – Heart minded

imagesYHTEDWYQIf we have a heart of understanding, we can endure everything negative that  comes at us… because we are able to see the depth of where the negative action stem.

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Window 1102 – Don’t become tainted by what you see

imagesQP0ZFBIVEvery time we judge, we are claiming to be better than what we are seeing, when in reality we are worse than what we see.

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Window 1012 – Awakening is painful

thC52ZTZ40When we seek to find the depth of who we are; we must also be prepared to face the painful challenge, of  letting go of the pieces that are not a part of who we truly are… in order for the truth of our spirit to be shown.

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