Window 1371 – What we are meant to do


When what we are passionate about keeps calling us for attention, we must take the call… even when we are fearful of the changes that will take place, from answering the call.

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Window 1101 – We don’t know what is best for us

imagesO4CSN5O7Sometimes the appearance of what we desire, is an illusion formed by our wants… that eventually forms a reality of truth, that is completely undesirable.

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Window 886 – Keep your eyes on yourself


We  become consumed with other peoples lives as a form of distraction, when we do not want to face  our own circumstances.

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Window 863 – Emotional release

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When we release our emotions; we clear the energy field for the Divine to speak to us.

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Window 862 – We must support one another instead of judging


We cannot place expectations upon another persons life… we must just accept the pathway one chooses to follow and keep our love and support strong, no matter what.

Window 859 – Finding your true self


We will only discover the depth of who are, when we shatter the mirrors of who we think we should be.

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Window 851 – Give from your heart


An act of kindness should not be given to reap a payback … so if you are doing it for accolades or in hopes of receiving something in return, it’s not an act of kindness, it’s just an act.

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Window 848 – Dark distractions


Everything that begins to irritate us, is a jab from darkness, to try an distract us  from Divine thinking.

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Window 846 – untraveled territory


Every sharp turn that spins us down a road unknown,  lands us exactly where we are meant to be, to learn our greatest lessons. 

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Window 825 – Judgment pulls us away from love


We can only change our judgmental thoughts, by switching our view to love.

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