Window 1618 – Think, before you think


Our thoughts are seeds that drop and will begin to take root… the more we focus on them the more they grow…so we must be conscious of what we want to bloom.

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Window 1444 – Unexpected changes


When what we thought was our purpose disappears… it just means there is something else we are destine to do.

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Window 1437 – There is always a plan for us, that we cannot see


It does not matter how hard we fight for something we desire… for if it is not God’s plan, it will not be… but what will be, is something greater than you could see coming.

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Window 902 – Embrace the unexpected


When the universe pulls us out of our comfort zone, it is not to break us, it is to build us up into that which we can not yet see in our self… and if we look back or return to our comfort, we are only delaying our greatness.

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Window 833 – change is meant to change us


Everything that changes, helps the spirit of who we truly are, to emerge.

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Window 307 – Walking our destine path

photo(65)God will pull us away from certain people in our life that are distracting us from seeing and becoming who we are meant to be.

  So when certain relationships disintegrate, we must continue moving forward to fulfill the destiny of our spirit, without looking back.

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Window 148 – The divine path, is not an easy walk


“The pathway for following the plan of the divine is dimly lit, but once it is found, it brightens with each step we endure.”

There is a divine plan for our physical journey that is embedded within each of us to follow; but… the pathway of the plan will only be revealed when we” know” that the existence of the divine is real, and we are willing to shed the layers of our created self and our self-made plans, to embrace the  divine plan, which fulfills our destiny.

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