Window 1370 – Different makes things beautiful


If the appearance of another person offends us, it is we who are standing in a of ego… for if we can only accept those that appear like us, we have lost all compassion and respect for people.

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Window 1305 – Look beyond what you see


When you just cannot wrap your mind around someones behavior…judgement is not the reply to give… love and compassion is.

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Window 1161 – Lessons?

images8J7M65JBIf God wanted us to all look alike, speak the same language and have the same type of relationships, he would have created us all as clones… but since that did not happen, is it possible that one of our main purposes for being here, is to learn love and acceptance of all, no matter what our mind of judgement screams?

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Window 1103 – Look beyond what you see

imagesL9QS1HH5That what is different does not make it wrong… it is what makes everything right… for without differences, nothing would be colorful.

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