Window 1461 – Mind made illusions


In everything that is different from us, it is still totally the same… because no one has a different heart.

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Window 1293 – Step out as you


Don’t let the world tell you who you are supposed to be…just be you, even if don’t get an applause from the people around you. For remaining true to who you are, is applauded from  the Divine.

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Window 840 – Be you, no matter what


It is our differences that make each of us unique… so don’t allow yourself to blend in,for you will disappear.

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Window 737 – Don’t judge that what is different


To that which we can not understand; we must view with eyes of compassion, instead of judgment…for there are things about each of us that do not make sense to the minds of others… but it is that exact uniqueness, which weaves variety, change and awakening into each others lives.

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Window 672 – The scars of judgment


Every time we judge another, we are internally claiming that we are above their choices …but in reality, we are the one falling below Divine thinking.

At any given time any of us can fall out of grace , so have compassion and understanding instead of judgment… because it is so damaging to the spirit of whom we judge and our own.

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