Window 1637 – Our hurdles lead us to our destiny

yelloOur biggest disappointments lead us to the pathway of where we are destined to land, and how we emerge into who we are meant to be.

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Window 974 – Stay alert to your judging thoughts

imagesJ7H2H26OEvery thought of kindness and love toward someone doing the opposite of what is right, keeps us aligned with the light.

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Window 171 – Shame blocks us from awakening


“When we are disappointed in our-self, the mind will use our disappointment against us, to create a wound of shame.”

Our poor choices do not mean that we are destined to become what we chose; it just means that we allowed our mind to sway us away from our heart.  If we allow our mistakes to open a wound, we will never learn the intended lesson for our choices, and we will walk in shame.

Every mistake is a teacher in life, so don’t skip class on any of the lessons you chose… instead, learn from the lesson, to replace your shame with a loving self-esteem .

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