Window 1641 – The distraction of the ego

sparkleIf we are not grounded in humility, we will lose our balance when our dreams and success come to fruition.

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Window 1621- Pay attention to your life

white hutOur choices lay steps into our future, so we must be mindful of what we want and what we don’t… or what we get , will continuously keep us looking further ahead, instead of awakening, to see the power of what we choose.

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Window 1603 – Pull together in love everyday

elephantHow many tragedy’s will it take for every soul to see that we are doing this life wrong… it is the coming together through these tragedy’s that is how we are supposed to live on a daily basis.

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Window 1536 – Accept the challenge

redThe more we work on  seeing things with love, the harder and faster the challenges will come to try to detour our view… but we must continue to seek love and turn our head to negativity.

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Window 440 – Obsessive thinking is not light


When we have to try to distract ourselves from our thoughts, there is some form of darkness, trying to pull us away from our heart.

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Window 402 – Awakening moments


When we are distracted by our life circumstances, we will overlook the antidote for the changes we are seeking, which can only be found within the  present moment.

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