Window 1793 – Allow it to unfold

When our impatience pushes us to do what is not divinely directed, we delay the higher purpose of the plan… because the other pieces that were being aligned, to bring the plan to fruition, now need to be reset.


Window 1775 – A change in plans

purpleA set back in life, does not mean that it will be set in concrete… it just means that a new pathway, is being laid out, through a divine plan.

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Window 282 – The voice of our spirit


When ones spirit is unknown to the mind, the mind is in control with only moments of supernatural clarity of the spirit.

The mind wants us to believe that we are nothing but a physical being because it knows that if we connect to the voice of our spirit we will no longer spin in mindful thinking.

Our internal senses is our spirit speaking; so we must  listen even when it goes against what our mind would want to do, because there is a Divine plan for each of us and by connecting to our spirit we make the plan flow, instead of  prolonging the outcome of what is destined to be.

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Window 170 -The Divine way, will always be fulfilled


“The will of our creator will be fulfilled, whether or not we are willing to surrender to the way we think, will bring fruition to our own desires.”

We are all interconnected to the lives of each other like a gigantic puzzle that can only be put together by the divine. We are given signs in every aspect of our life to help place ourselves in the correct space for his will to unfold, but when we go against our inner knowing to fulfill our own desires, we become the missing piece, that disconnects us from the puzzle.

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Window 150 – The divine path can only be walked forward


“When the path of our divine purpose becomes known, we must keep walking forward to fulfill our purpose, for if we look back to see what or who we have left behind, Great spirit will replace us with someone else to fulfill the divine plan.”

When a spiritual awakening takes place everything that we thought we once were is void, and what we awaken to know, changes what we see.  If we look back and long for people or things in our past; we drain energy from our present moment, which shifts our part in the divine plan, and our awakening becomes a part of our past.

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Window 148 – The divine path, is not an easy walk


“The pathway for following the plan of the divine is dimly lit, but once it is found, it brightens with each step we endure.”

There is a divine plan for our physical journey that is embedded within each of us to follow; but… the pathway of the plan will only be revealed when we” know” that the existence of the divine is real, and we are willing to shed the layers of our created self and our self-made plans, to embrace the  divine plan, which fulfills our destiny.

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