Window 815 – Everything arrives at the perfect time


Just because what we dream has not yet arrived, does not mean the dream was just a fantasy…for our dreams are Divine seeds that bloom in Divine timing.

~ WOW ~

Window 795 – Never lose hope


When we push for the truth to be heard and it seems as though everyone is listening with deaf ears; we must keep our faith and know that God will turn of the volume in Divine timing.

~ WOW ~

Window 558 – What is meant to be, will come

10593115_844074495626713_7457282314894456308_nWhen we settle for that to  which we know is below the spirit of who we are; we have become impatient in waiting for what we truly want to arrive…to which darkness has arrived to trick us into believing that, that which is below us,  will work out.

~ WOW ~

Window 526 – We cannot force a change

1509326_698534690197235_1379828692_nWhen we are ready to awaken to another level of our higher self, the pathway will be illuminated for us.  So instead of wasting our energy on searching; we must surrender to Divine timing.

~WOW ~

Window 276 – Destination unknown


“Whatever has come our way will lead us to where we are suppose to arrive, in timing that is not of our own, but that of the Divine.”

~ WOW ~

Window 193 – A partner of love, will find you


“When love comes calling for us it will never leave, but when we seek it out on our own, it will always run away, because we called on it to come, instead of allowing it to arrive through the timing of the Divine.”

We must wait on the universe to send a partner of love in our direction, for if we seek out a sleepless dream, we will fall in love with a love that is not meant to be.

Love will come to us through the winds of the unseen when we least expect it, and when it arrives the depth our spirit will know that it is a love that is true, for it will be a love that continues to grow and never leaves.

Seek only love for yourself and then when you are love, true love from another, will come find you.

~ WOW ~