Window 1704 – Keep the vision of your dreams clear

boatsIf we allow our negative thoughts of doubt, to override the energy of what we dream…those thoughts, will delay the fruition of our destiny.

~ WOW~ 

Window 1646 – You have a purpose


When we feel like we don’t fit in, it is darkness that comes in full force, to help us validate those “FALSE” thoughts.  It’s okay not to fit in, because we are each meant to be something different. 

The moment we can begin to accept ourselves, is the moment God’s light within us will begin to illuminate our pathway to seeing our greatness within, and our uniqueness. 

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Window 1351 – Life saver


When we are drowning in our problems, the only way out is to reach out to Great Spirit and don’t let go… and we will begin to float.

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Window 1194 – Don’t settle

imagesBGTD3KYOWhen we allow our pain to become us, we have  given up hope that our dreams will never arrive… so become the dream, because it is possible…and you can.

~ WOW ~


Window 1061 – Illuminate your true self


We must fight to keep our light bright, no matter what we are faced with and no matter how dim our light appears… for it is only through our fight to stay light, that we gain power, to blind out the darkness.

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Window 906 – Don’ give up


When we push through our fear we gain strength, but when we remain frozen in fear, we weaken in mind, heart and spirit. So keep moving.

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Window 850 – Our hardest moments


It always becomes the hardest to bare, right before a change comes… so don’t ever give up, no matter how much your mind chatter screams that a change will never come… for the mind is not God.

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Window 827 – All closed doors lead us to ones that open


Every door that closes is a guided push to pull us into the next phase of our  journey; which will take us to a higher ground, that we never imagined for our own life… hence the push.

~ WOW ~