Window 1651 – Worry about your own life

relaxWhen we insert ourselves into the relationships of others,  we think, we can see the problems… when in turn, there is a history behind closed doors, that is unknown to our view.

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Window 1504 – We hold the choice

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If we stay in a state of anger from our childhood pain, we will always remain that child acting out our anger in adulthood… So the choice is ours and we can either grow and teach from the past or continue to live in it.

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Window 1462 – shifts of emotions

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If we allow the daily inconveniences that arise to determine our happiness, we are just not happy at our core… and if we never look within to figure out why, everything around us will always determine our mood.

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Window 490 – You are more than your thoughts

photo(308)When dysfunction becomes our comfortable state of living and we cling to drama rather than creating peace, our low self-esteem is running our life.
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Window 283 – The choice of love


“When our actions are unloving we have purposely disconnected from our spirit.”

It takes more energy to be negative than it does to walk in love; so if we keep finding ourselves in drama filled situations, our ego has not yet exhausted itself, for our heart to be heard.

The core of who we are is love, so when we choose negativity we are purposely choosing to walk away from love, so choose love and watch  negativity disappear.

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