Window 1760 -Grow from your disappointments

car boatWe are not defined by our failures in life, we are defined by our reaction to our failures and what we do next.  But in reality, there are no failures, just awakening moments.

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Window 1598 – Facing the truth of you

pathwayThe fairytale ending that everyone seeks, is possible… but each person must be willing to face the internal pain that blocks the view of a happy ending.

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Window 1393 – An open mind keeps us on an open road.


When all we can see is our own way, the right way will never be found, all due to our ego being in control.

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Window 1286 – Power of our thoughts


If we do not have a vision for what we want in life, everything will remain as is.

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Window 1194 – Don’t settle

imagesBGTD3KYOWhen we allow our pain to become us, we have  given up hope that our dreams will never arrive… so become the dream, because it is possible…and you can.

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Window 1101 – We don’t know what is best for us

imagesO4CSN5O7Sometimes the appearance of what we desire, is an illusion formed by our wants… that eventually forms a reality of truth, that is completely undesirable.

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Window 1070 – The power of a dream

imagesO76HBTWXOur dreams are not a figment  of our imagination… they are our pathway of  guidance… but we must be  grounded to understand the insight.

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Window 963 – Following the message


If we lose our self in the process of fighting to fulfill our dream, we have lost focus of who is in control of making our dream possible.

 For it is not us who is in control, it is our creator, who gave us the message of the dream.

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Window 904 – Steps to peace


Inner peace can only be obtained through silencing the mind… which can only be done when we awaken to the fact that we are not in control… and accept that fact.

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