Window 1785 – Slow down


rocksIf we allow life to distract us from the spirit of our purpose as a human, we will be stressed, busy and unable to see the signs, blessings and miracles that are taking place around us.

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Window 1783 – What is meant to be will arrive


The dreams that are planted in our spirit, by Great Spirit, will always come to fruition… they may not be revealed in our impatient time frame, but for certain, they will be fulfilled.

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Window 1704 – Keep the vision of your dreams clear

boatsIf we allow our negative thoughts of doubt, to override the energy of what we dream…those thoughts, will delay the fruition of our destiny.

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Window 1641 – The distraction of the ego

sparkleIf we are not grounded in humility, we will lose our balance when our dreams and success come to fruition.

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Window 1588 – Real life is real, not the image we wish was real

pondWe cannot allow the image of what we think reality should be, to dictate the reality of what is real.

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Window 1576 – Direction and wishes

colorThat which comes to us, is directed for us… and that which we desire, but never comes, is not meant for us… but what comes, is always better than any our desires.

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Window 1369 – Memories of love


The reflection of our happiest moments, can transport us instantly to that same feeling… to which we can snuggle with, in our current moment.

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Window 1279 – Dreams should never be just a dream


When we stand in the way of another’s dreams, we are  fearful of the change that it will impact on our own life.

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Window 1262 – Dreams do arrive


Every ship comes in… just not on our time frame… so don’t lose hope, don’t let your faith weaken and above all, don’t let your mind tell you it’s all a pipe dream.

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Window 1243 – Use love as a weapon

imagesOQQRALVRThe closer we are to God fulfilling our dream, the harder darkness will try to break us down, in hope of preventing us from witnessing Gods power… therefore we must cling to loving thoughts, to prevent dark voices from disturbing our dream.

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