Window 1279 – Dreams should never be just a dream


When we stand in the way of another’s dreams, we are  fearful of the change that it will impact on our own life.

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Window 1262 – Dreams do arrive


Every ship comes in… just not on our time frame… so don’t lose hope, don’t let your faith weaken and above all, don’t let your mind tell you it’s all a pipe dream.

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Window 1243 – Use love as a weapon

imagesOQQRALVRThe closer we are to God fulfilling our dream, the harder darkness will try to break us down, in hope of preventing us from witnessing Gods power… therefore we must cling to loving thoughts, to prevent dark voices from disturbing our dream.

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Window 1195 -Accept what is in front of you

untitledIf we cannot find contentment in the right now, we will not have it when what we dream for, arrives.

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Window 1043 – Decode the message


What is shown and told  in our dreams is a real message and not a figment of our imagination… so seek to understand the message, and if you don’t, ask in heart made prayers for it to be given again, for it is the guidance to help us walk in the right direction.

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Window 957 – See past that which is unknown


Judgment has become the mainstream reaction when faced with that which is different… so instead of being a follower, be accepting and you will be awakened to things that will expand your view.

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