Window 1637 – Our hurdles lead us to our destiny

yelloOur biggest disappointments lead us to the pathway of where we are destined to land, and how we emerge into who we are meant to be.

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Window 1636 – Don’t absorb negativity

waterHurtful words can only hurt us, if we take ownership of them.

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Window 1635 – The gift of your heart brings light


When one cannot see past their own needs… they are unable to see the need’s of others… even with nothing, you can give something from your heart.

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Window 1634 – You can always find your way back

ovalWe begin to lose pieces of our true self through the influences of the world… but all we have to do, is become stillĀ  look within, and the lost pieces will appear… for they never leave us.

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Window 1604 – Our true feelings

7A3AFB25-3424-4F7B-A593-A732ABC12455If we are not in tune with the energy we take in or give away, we will never be in tune with who we really are and what we really feel.




Window 1598 – Facing the truth of you

pathwayThe fairytale ending that everyone seeks, is possible… but each person must be willing to face the internal pain that blocks the view of a happy ending.

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Window 1596 – Holding on to emotions

mushroomOne is not over something if they continue to bring it up time and time again… for to truly be overĀ  a situation, it no longer comes to mind, nor is it voiced… it just remains a past memory.

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