Window 1520 – Walking the walk

pinkIt is easy to be  spiritual and come from a place of light and love, within the confines of our own home… but the true test is being out in the world with everyone’s different personalities and issues.

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Window 1451 – The actions that wound us


When we shame another person , we are just illuminating our own feelings of shame within… which no one should ever feel.  We need to be loving and forgiving, or a fractured self-esteem, will never heal.

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Window 1427 – Are you brave enough to walk the path less followed


Living by the whisper of Great Spirit, is not a road paved without hurdles,  you will  trip at times, and you may knock them down… but you will not wipe out, as long as you keep listening, even when what you hear, seems so off the cuff of the norm.

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Window 1395 – A spiritual view


When we connect to Divine thinking, we detach from earthly thinking… to which everything we see, is seen with a depth of compassion, that brings understanding to the world we are temporarily stuck in.

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Window 1108 – Respect your self


True love of self, does not associate with selfie love… for it self obsession is the lowest of self -esteem.

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Window 916 – our lessons are our greatest virtues


Our deepest regrets can become our greatest gifts…because they teach us to bloom brightly from what we have learned.

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Window 897 – Be encouraging, not discouraging


We must strive to lift others up, instead of tearing them down; for everyone needs  encouragement instead of shaming… no matter what they have done.

 So instead of letting the eyes of our ego pass judgment, we need to offer words of encouragement, to help lift them back up into their heart. 

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