Window 1486 – Pat yourself on the back

country side

Take a moment to reflect on how far you have come…  for you may not be able to see the depth of what you endured, but to the ears of others, your journey can provide great strength.

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Window 1391 -The depth of our pain


The challenges that feel like they are going to break us, are actually the one’s that are pushing us, to overcome the parts of ourselves that we did not know were needed to be built up.

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Window 1376 – The light is more powerful



Right before something is about to bloom, darkness will always try to cloud the light and create doubt in our faith… but the light always shines through, no matter what storms we have to endure, during the growth period.

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Window 1282 – Yes you can endure this




Every challenge leads us to a place of strength, that is  buried deep within, that we thought was none existent.

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Window 328 – The light that ends suffering


“A broken spirit can be healed through love and the wisdom of someone who overcame the same type of suffering.”

The life situations that almost break us, are endured to heal and gain strength within the areas of our own life, to which we can then  pass on the wisdom gained and help someone else suffering the same or worse, in order to help them from becoming broken.

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