Window 647 – Look beneath the surface

1544339_716703328380371_1443070469_nA resume of accomplishments does not define the character of a person… the heart does.

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Window 645 – with light we shine

10349089_749592771758093_1411433596868578875_nIn order for the light to help us bloom, we must know there is light.

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Window 644 – The reflection of the past, viewed with the heart

1466167_753438394706864_4954453336612423230_nUntil we are truly awake, we are unable to look back at the reflection of who we were, when we
walked through life within our mind.

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Window 642 -The bumps that lead us to awakening

10492103_291316777721619_4843035033909624608_nWhen we are on a spiritual quest to find our self, the obstacles and pain that will arise are not a punishment or detour from the universe…They are acts of love to help cleanse us from the negativity that is attached to us… so we must push through it and keep going.

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Window 640 – We choose how we learn

10730913_856440221073347_657137385159618554_nThose who are not right for us are our biggest blessing…because not only do they teach us our most profound lessons, they¬† lead us back to the right path.

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Window 639 – Love can open a sealed door

IMG_0673(3)When we are in a place  of love, Anything is possible.

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Window 638 – The journey to Peace

IMG_0672(1)Without pain and suffering; one would not seek to create a state of what inner peace.

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