Window 412 – broken whispers


“To master emotional criticism is the path to enlightenment but… enlightenment is not the end of the path.”

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Window 410 – The story behind ones actions


To have no enemies; is choosing see everyone with a view of love.

In order to find love for our  enemies we must first see the depth for their actions,  which will show their actions had nothing to do with us, but to the pain that  is within them from their past, to which eyes of love and compassion can release our anger.

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Window 375 – The power of our inner light


“When we walk along a lighted pathway we can become enlightened, but when we stand up and face the darkness within, we can become the light along the path.”

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Window 176 – A connection to light must stay connected to shine


“Just as flashes of light do not keep a room well-lit, enlightenment does not come from an intermittent connection to the Divine; it comes from constantly seeking to view the lighted way, even when surrounded by darkness, and “flashes” of Divine light is all that you can see.”

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