Window 1406 – Inner peace is obtainable


Everything that we think will make us happy, will arrive and later leave us empty and  longing for something more…but when we seek to find contentment within, happiness is no longer a search… it’s just become us.

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Window 1383 -The view behind our view


One’s perception of us, does not mean it is true… it is just how they see us through the eyes of their own environment.

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Window 1211 – See the greatness within you and your life


Jealousy and envy will always be a part of us, until we see our own worth as a human being… to which then… we are able to genuinely  feel happiness , for the great things that happen to other people.

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Window 617 – The energy you put out, will return to you

FullSizeRender(19)If we cannot celebrate others on their blessings and joy, we will forever remain stagnate in envy. 

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Window 544 – Pictures for envy

10599253_10204092375607249_5973203985029482447_nPhoto by, Sandy Mulford

When the” photo” of what we are doing is more important than the moment of what we are doing…we are trying to paint a picture of happiness and envy for others to see, to mask the emptiness we feel inside.

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Window 454 – The truth behind the view


Whatever one represents their life to be for the naked eye see, does not mean it is a true representation of what their life really is… so look with eyes with wide open, so you don’t become stuck in envy, of a false reality.

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window 299 – envy


What we envy in others is just an illusion of what we believe to be better than what we have, but the surface of what another has does not show the depth of reality to what truly is, therefore our envy is a false perception.

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Window 266 – Don’t try to fit in, shine alone


“When we try to fit in with others the uniqueness of our light cannot be seen, because it becomes intermixed with colors that form the same hue.”

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Window 252 – The believer of a lie, becomes a lie


“The person who spreads a lie about our character is  someone who is suffering in anger, envy and deceit, but it is the people that know us and believe the lie without ever seeking our truth, that  mirror the speaker of the lie.”

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